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The Prids - Tickets - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR, April 09, 2015 | Ticketfly
Get tickets to The Prids at Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR on 04/09/15

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Best Quality Custom Made Vinyl Stickers - STICKER GUY
Sticker Guy prints custom vinyl stickers for indie bands and small businesses in need of outdoor weatherproof promotional bumper stickers, die cut decals, mailing labels on a roll. Sticker Guy wants to print your sticker - make your sticker online!

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So many people are surprising us with artwork, we're shocked and so grateful! Fearghal McKenna made this rad flyer. You might recognize those creepy faces from the Sydney video :P

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Jason is right, and the link to buy tickets will be up tomorrow. We will keep you updated!

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20 years of partnership. David and I are two stubborn mofos! Come celebrate with us oxox

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Anniversary flyer contribution #2 from one of our favorite humans, Damon Law! This is great, keep them coming everyone! Much love xo

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Our first anniversary flyer contribution is from our good friend Xtof Nemeth! We love it Xtof, Thank you!

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Looking for artists who may be interested in designing our 20 year anniversary show poster! Please get in touch.

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Update on the 20 year anniversary show...

It's going to be with our friends The Upsidedown and Leading Psychics! Will send out event invitations next week. Tickets on sale once Doug Fir announces.

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Our first show in over a year is a benefit for XRAY.FM!

This lineup is a testament to just how many great bands exist in Portland. Come see The Estranged, Soft Kill, Arctic Flowers, Vice Device, LUNCH, Underpass, Shadowhouse, VATS, Dead Cult and COMM!

Thank you Songs from Under the Floorboard for all the support and for including us :)

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Tonight October - The Prids

Final public version? Music Video for the Prids song Tonight October from the Album Chronosynclastic Costumes by Morgan Shanafelt Papercraft and clay by…

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MST3K Grateful Dead

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We have two shows booked for April. Details coming this weekend ♥

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David's other band is playing a free show next Saturday!

Timeline Photos
Have you guys checked out David's band @[638499156206514:274:Leading Psychics] yet? They're playing a free show at the Lovecraft next month, it's Mistina's DJ night EXPRESSWAY TO YR SKULL! Be there or be square!

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We drew a pretty good crowd for being a bunch of nobody's!! And this isn't even all of them! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the documentary premiere. We are so proud and thankful that this wonderful movie exists. Thanks Sean for creating a beautiful time capsule-- we're so lucky to have it!

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Chronosynclastic infundibulum
"those places ... where all the different kinds of truths fit together."

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THE PRIDS Back the Way We Came (Teaser)

THE PRIDS Back the Way We Came Sean Strauss Wonderblack Productions Release Date 2013

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